We value privacy as much as you do. We wouldn't do anything that we wouldn't want others to do to us. Our software never shares any information without your specific consent. We only use data that is required to provide you the service you requested. At any given time, you are in full control of what data is shared, when it is shared, how it is shared and with whom it is shared. You have full control.

What information is shared?

LightsOn collects two types of data: agreggated and personal.

Agreggated Data

Agreggated data is information about your devices, such as manufacturer, model, version, software, network class, resources utilisation etc.

Personal Data

Personal data is data that may identify you as an individual, business or your specific devices, what you decide to share with us in order to provide you the service you require. This data includes usernames and passwords you use for your devices, your public IP, host and device names, domain names etc. Personal data that LightsOn collects is never shared with us in a format that is accessible to us or anyone else. When you decide to enable and use functionality that makes use of personal, you must use an encryption key that is only known to you and it is used to encrypt and decrypt the data you send us. We never have access or knowlege of your encryption key. You need this key to decrypt your data, we cannot help you if you lose your encryption key. At any given time, you can see what data is shared and how it is shared by accessing the Privacy page on your LightHouse installation.